Our Design Process

Throughout the design phases, Divine Homes encourages a close collaboration between client and designer.

The result is a custom designed home or addition that suits your lifestyle, tastes and personal requirements.

The five phases described here are very general guidelines and are adjusted to each individual project.

For all new home designs and major additions, the following five phases are required:

Our Process

Phase I

During the initial design phase, the client's overall space or design requirements are thoroughly investigated. A site visit and a discussion about general design ideas and wishes are vital to gain a clear idea of the task at hand. Very often magazine clippings from the client help define and visual the clients ideas. The industry calls this a "style file".

Necessary documentation:

  • Site Survey
  • Existing floor plans and elevations
  • Any areas of special interest (special views, plant materials, relation to adjacent houses/street character, arborist...)

Phase II

Preliminary study of house design concepts:

  • Several hand drawn preliminary sketches
  • Site plan
  • Placement within the existing site
  • Any applicable floor plans

Phase III

Now it is time to reflect the proposed interior plans to the exterior elevations (i.e. design of front elevation). Emphasis is put on the roof lines, type of entry, garage elevation, location of the driveway, rear deck/patio, and rear walk out design.

In the case of an addition the relation between new and old is resolved. Exterior material choices are crucial at this point (i.e. exterior material choice is closely related to structural construction method and overall budget).

Exterior Studies:

  • Preliminary sketches of all four elevations
  • Overall site plan
  • Study model to visually see and evaluate exterior shape & proportions
  • Exterior material panels and colour options are presented

Phase IV

The interior design of the home or addition is now at a stage where individual areas such as kitchen, entry area and bathrooms are finalized. Elevations or free hand 3-D sketches of important interior areas are drawn up and reviewed with the client.

Areas of Special Interest:

  • Kitchen
  • Living Room / Dining Room
  • Bathrooms
  • Electrical Plan
  • Deck or Patios

Phase V

At this point the design-development stage is complete. All approved floor plans & elevations that have been client-approved are revised and the final drawing package is produced. Structural plans are coordinated with the heating, engineering and plumbing layout. At the end of phase five, a complete set of drawings are produced, and the building permit is acquired.

Architectural Permit Drawings:

(all necessary structural details included)

  • Plans, sections and all elevations